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The purpose of Breath Integration Coaching & Training Center is to contribute to the inspiration of the awakening of the Spirit of mankind. As we create a safe, loving community we can nurture ourselves, live transformed lives and through our own transformation, be an inspiration to the world. 

We are members of a professional organization, devoted to supporting the healing of the planet, by teaching spiritual principles and by the use of the Connected Breath Technique. We create standards of excellence in facilitating the art of the Connected Breath Technique and support you with the guidance of a counselling professional.

We see you, we hear you, and we are here for you!


Welcome to Breath Integration!

We're Here to Inspire & Guide you toward a deeper connection with the dualistic nature of being through body, mind, & spirit.


Breath Integration Coaching & Training Centre provides us with the environment to continue to grow beyond our own self-imposed limitations so that we may become masters of our own lives and careers. We are committed to working together for the one common goal of world peace as we attain balance and harmony through personal transformation. It is through working synergistically that we can achieve our vision. As we are part of a spiritual community committed and dedicated to demonstrating spiritual principle, we serve and care for our community, our fellow humans and Mother Earth. We recognize that we play a part in the coming forth of a new culture on our planet that values the sacredness of all life as an expression of love, peace, and power. 

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#201-535 Tranquille Rd

Kamloops, British Columbia

Breath Integration

Coaching & Training Centre

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